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Knifehead by Ken982

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Friday The 13th - Base Body (BookWorm) by MrUncleBingo
UMVC3 Wolverine Alternate by Jetsetradioremixsega
SS:SS - Cancer Deathmask by LorisCangini
Assassin's Creed
ACS Jacob Frye Prologue XNA by SumireHaikuXNA
Evie Frye (download) by Tokami-Fuko
Assassin's Creed I - Desmond Miles by o0Cristian0o
Evie Simply outfit by Tokami-Fuko
Adventure Time

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Adventure Time Models PACK 5 FOR XPS by ASideOfChidori
Adventure Time Models PACK 1 FOR XPS by ASideOfChidori
Adventure Time Models PACK 2 FOR XPS by ASideOfChidori
Adventure Time Models PACK 3 FOR XPS by ASideOfChidori
BLESS Online - Draohion by MoogleOutFitters
Bless Online - Lorairith by MoogleOutFitters
Bless Online - Dalavesta by MoogleOutFitters
Bless Online - Mireya by MoogleOutFitters
UMVC3 Zero by Jetsetradioremixsega
UMVC3 Super Skrull by Jetsetradioremixsega
UMVC3 Iron Man by Jetsetradioremixsega
UMVC3 Nova by Jetsetradioremixsega
IEBDY (Ios) - Deadshot by MrUncleBingo
IGAU (Ios) - Pack III by MrUncleBingo
IGAU (Ios) - Pack II by MrUncleBingo
IGAU (Ios) - Pack I by MrUncleBingo
DC - Batman
BAK - Batmobile (Prototype) by MrUncleBingo
BAK - RTBurton Items (Pack II) by MrUncleBingo
BAK - RTBurton Items (Pack I) by MrUncleBingo
IEBDY (Ios) - Scarecrow by MrUncleBingo
Dark Souls
Gwyndolin the Dark Sun by Tokami-Fuko
Aldrich Devourer of Gods by Tokami-Fuko
Mirrah Set by Tokami-Fuko
Drakeblood armors by Tokami-Fuko
Dead or Alive
DOA5 LR Lisa Schoolgirl striker by zareef
DOA5 LR Christie High society by zareef
DOA5 LR Helena High society by zareef
DOA5 LR Helena Samurai warrior by zareef
Dead Rising
DR3 Dick Baker by thePWA
DR3 Gary Finkel by thePWA
DR3 Sgt. Hilde Schmittendorf by thePWA
DR3 Hunter Thibodeaux by thePWA
Valgyrie by Sticklove
Dragon Age
Dragon Age Inquisition - Female Hair Pack by MoogleOutFitters
Dragon Ball
DBXV2 FAN MADE - Freezer (Perfect Form) by MrUncleBingo
Zoe Castillo (Europolis V2) by Sticklove
Dynasty Warriors
Samurai Warriors  - Hanbei Takenaka by MoogleOutFitters
Far Cry
FC3 - Vaas Montenegro by thePWA
Final Fantasy
FFXIII LR - Lilitu by MoogleOutFitters
'FlatOut' Grinder XPS ONLY!!! by lezisell
Forza Motorsport
2013 Scion FR-S / Toyota 86 by noonenothing
Gunslinger Stratos
GS - Aaron Burroughs (2nd outfit) by LorisCangini
Half Life
DP Films: Gordon Freeman Port by XNASyndicate
Halo 3: Thel 'Vadam- Arbiter. by OGLoc069
Ken's Rage 2
Heart The Destroyer of Fists by Ken982
Killer Instinct
Jago Killer Instinct by Jetsetradioremixsega
League of Legends
Jhin XPS by CR1T3R10N
Legend of Zelda
Hyrule Warriors - Ghirahim (3rd Form) by MoogleOutFitters

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Elektra Natchios (Classic) by MrUncleBingo
Max Payne
Max Payne 3 - Raul Passos (New York) by thePWA
Metal Gear Solid
MGSV The Phantom Pain : Diamond Dogs by thePWA
Mortal Kombat
MKX Retexture:74's blood Leatherface by TheG-Flash
Naruto - Naruto Uzumaki PACK (Ver. 1.0) FOR XPS!! by MVegeta
Need for Speed
'Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit 2' Ford XPS ONLY!!! by lezisell
One Piece
OP:BB - Koala by LorisCangini
Power Rangers
Armored Red Ranger MMPR by Ken982
Prince of Persia
Prince of Persia by o0Cristian0o
Prison School
Prison School - Hana Midorikawa by ASideOfChidori
Project Zero
Yuri (Bikini) by Sticklove
Rise of Incarnates
RoI - Erendira Quinn by LorisCangini
Yang Xiao Long by Sticklove
Saint Seiya
SS:SS - Gemini Saga by LorisCangini
Splinter Cell
Sam fisher by junkymana
Star Wars
Captain Phasma by Sticklove
Steven Universe
Steven Universe - Pack 4: Amethyst Edition FOR XPS by ASideOfChidori
Street Fighter
SFV R. Mika T-shirt mod by zareef
TERA - Pegasus by LorisCangini
The Witcher
Cirilla of Cintra - Empress Concept by MoogleOutFitters
Fugaku by Sticklove
TRON RUN /r - Paige by DatKofGuy
'Warhammer 40k' Space Wolves - Terminator XPS ONLY by lezisell
Watch Dogs
TW-AC Otso Berg by emir2015
SSBWiiU Retexture: False Zelda by TheG-Flash
Models to Convert - Rigged
Vote on who is next by Ken982
Models to Convert - Stages
TESV: Skyrim - Sky Heaven Temple by LorisCangini
Models to Convert - Static
NSUNS4:RTB - Himawari Uzumaki by LorisCangini
Tools and Tutorials
I wanted to let you know about the newly born :iconpokemon-sanctuary:.

As you may have understood, it's a sub-group of this one and it will collect Pokèmon works.
I decided to create it because I've put my hands on all the 3D models of Pokemon Sun and Moon; they are a lot and posting all of them in this group would have generated some mess!
In this way things are more organized!

Take a look if you are interested!

I'm searching for some contributors!
I can provide 3D models & textures to convert to XPS, MMD or what you can work with!
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Chilepino Featured By Owner Apr 10, 2017
Hey guys, I'm using the XnaLara Converter script to import the .mesh files into 3DS max, and I'm more often than not getting a "unable to convert: undefined to type: integer" message. Do you know of any way around the error?
TSelman61 Featured By Owner Apr 9, 2017  Professional Artist
I will want something from you.
This model needs to be made skeleton.
Google drive:……
seele-chan Featured By Owner Apr 5, 2017  Student Digital Artist
had some of jojos? :,c
LutschGabriel Featured By Owner Mar 26, 2017
can anyone make vegeta from XV2 ?
meth0dorg Featured By Owner Mar 13, 2017  New Deviant
Hai guys, i'm big fan of XPS, so I decided to create a website to center a lot of models. Deviantart is very good, but sometimes is a mess :)

Hope to see you there!
(2 Replies)
onsterion Featured By Owner Mar 10, 2017
Hi all,

Anyone knows a page like this but with character animations?

Taiki20c Featured By Owner Jan 27, 2017  Hobbyist Artist
I need this model with rig for 3DMAX…
LutschGabriel Featured By Owner Jan 26, 2017
Will someone please make Cabba from XV2 :P ?
(1 Reply)
LutschGabriel Featured By Owner Dec 15, 2016
Will you guys ever reupload the old models from 3D Model Sanctuary? I realy liked the Raging Blast Models and all others.
(4 Replies)
taxor12305 Featured By Owner Dec 3, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
LorisCangini Do you have tashigi post timeskip from pirate warrior 3 or pirate warriors 2?
(1 Reply)
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